About our Founder

I was introduced to the world of CBD through my work in the beauty and wellness industry, and after hearing about its potential I knew I had to get involved. I had suffered from chronic anxiety and racing thoughts my whole life. I was running my companies and seemed to have all the pressure under control, but in reality I was struggling just to feel OK each day….

This ZERO THC tincture is made from organic hemp and has no ability to cause the “high” that marijuana and THC products do, and it will not flag on a drug test.

This tincture supports calmness and emotions. I can focus on the task at hand and engage with people in a settled and centered way. At night, I feel relaxed into slumber in a peaceful way. Hello happiness! I feel a powerful need to share this discovery with my friends and loved ones and wish you the same experience that I have enjoyed. 

Remember, Don't Panic! 

xox Nonie C 

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